About Us


Art Vision Gallery is an art space created on the foundation of Hans Otto Nagel’s love and appreciation for fine arts. Being a collector from a young age on, H. Otto Nagel wanted to support artists and encourage their artistic creation processes further. Art Vision Gallery has opened as an artist’s workshop in 2016 at Uniq Istanbul compound to be a space for artists to work in and be in touch with art lovers. As of 2019 Art Vision Gallery will be operating as a comprehensive art gallery with a special offer profile. It stands in cooperation with the Berlin ArtStudio Maria Wirth, where the Artistic Direction is located.

Art Vision Gallery’s space consists of a workshop for the artists, a gallery, an art library and a meeting room. Having been located in Uniq Istanbul, the gallery has a vast area to exhibit the works created in its workshop. The location also gives the opportunity to be a secluded and peaceful space for blue collars and white collars in the area, giving them a place and a chance to recharge during a busy working day.


The workshop area is  used by artists supported by the gallery, and welcomes other artists who would like to make arrangements to work in the workshop. All visitors are welcome to observe artistic creation processes, meeting the artists, having talks about arts, going through the art library and spending time in an artsy environment.


 The meeting room is designed with the purpose to have occasional events such as art and artist talks, seminars, presentations, lectures and workshops for all ages. The gallery itself holds these events and is also available for private events. 

With the aim of supporting arts and artists, Art Vision Gallery welcomes all art lovers of all ages. For more information, any questions, meetings with the artists, possibilities and events please contact Aslı Sabuncu, Gallery Director,  through  e-mail. 

ArtStudio Maria Wirth



Since the opening in April 2017 ArtStudio Maria Wirth in Berlin-Charlottenburg has become known as a location that through multi-layered exhibitions and especially its art soirees cultivates a love for the creation of spaces of sensual experience and reflective thinking.

Here, it plays an important role to support the exchange between the positions of visual artists with other genres like music, literature, dance and other performances.

The concept of the exhibitions as well as the compilations of artists and their works follow the idea to transport philosophically, culture-historically and psychologically interesting questions and considerations that go beyond aesthetical and technical aspects.

Since April 2019 the location also is the address of the private art collection of Hans Otto Nagel, the Otto Nagel Art Collection.




ArtStudio Maria Wirth

Niebuhrstrasse 71

10629 Berlin


+49 172 1642919


Opening hours

Regular: SA 15:00-19:00

During exhibitions: DO-SO 15:00-19:00

Or by personal appointment

 Both locations are initiated and supported by arts patron Hans Otto Nagel. During his over 35 years ongoing international business life he spent a lot of his heart and mind for artists.